Colorado Singer Songwriter – Alternative Music – Arlene Hattori

The winsome vocals and sunshine guitar pop of singer/songwriter Arlene Hattori is deeply rooted in the upbeat New Wave sounds of the early to mid-‘80s. Of Japanese-American descent, Hattori was born in Denver, Colorado. A product of the late ‘70s New Wave scene, Hattori joined the cover band Slide in 1978.

After spending several years on the road performing other people’s tunes, Hattori began playing with the group the Metrotones, which later changed their name to Crank Call Love Affair. The band earned a glowing reputation for their energetic live performances, even overshadowing the Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock when they opened for his group Spectre… more

What the critics are saying…

9 out of 10 stars – The stars say it all: Arlene Hattori”s “Finding Myself Again” is one of the year”s best albums as well as most promising debuts. You can include Hattori with the current New Wave revival, but don”t expect the usual Gang of Four or Cure post-punk riffs that has been the dominating retread lately… Adam Harrington –

Once you hear the synth breaks of the funk-pop number “Give It Up,” Japanese-American singer/songwriter Arlene Hattori’s musical background becomes apparent. You won’t be able to tell from the cover photo and booklet design. No, the truth is in the music — and “Give It Up” reveals all.Kyrby Raine –

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‘Finding Myself Again’ and ‘The Road Home’ can now be purchased locally, as well:

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